Skin Numbing Creams

Skin Numbing Creams

Skin Numbing Creams are commonly used to numb the areas before superficial skin procedures or before children’s immunizations. This type of cream became a trend for off-license use as tattoo numbing creams. Moreover, there are available over-the-counter Skin Numbing Creams that you can purchase. Read always the information leaflet for detailed recommendations, special warnings, and other important information related to each Skin Numbing Cream.

1. Emla Numbing Cream

Emla Cream contains 2.5% Lidocaine and 2.5% Prilocaine that is licensed for use in newborn infants from 0-2 months and all other age groups from children to adults. This cream is available as an individual 5 g tube. Emla Cream is recommended to apply at least 60 minutes before insertion of a needle. Half of the tube is applied to the area. Keep in mind to not rub it in. adhesive Tegaderm dressings must also be applied to the area. The dressing must be left in place for at least 60 minutes. After 60 minutes, the dressing must be removed. After, clean the area with alcohol before the procedure.

2. LMX4 Numbing Cream

LMX4 contains Lidocaine as the main active ingredient. This numbing cream is recommended for use in children over 1 month of age. The cream must be applied at least 30 minutes before the skin procedure. This can be used without dressing.

3. Ametop Gel

Ametop Gel is available in the gel formulation that comes as a 1.5 g tube. This is used in infants over 1 month of age, children as well as adults. Ametop Gel is not recommended for infants under 1 month of age. This gel must be applied 30 to 45 minutes before the skin procedure. A longer application is not needed.

4. Denela Cream

This cream contains the active ingredient of 2.5% Lidocaine and 2.5% Prilocaine similar to Emla Cream. There are two versions of Denela Cream:

  • Denela 5% in 5 g tube with two dressings
  • Denela 5% in 5 g tube

Denela Cream is approved for use in babies from 38 weeks old and adults. The instructions for application vary between designated uses. Refer to the product information leaflet for more details.

5. Lidocaine Ointment

Even though not a cream, Lidocaine Ointment can be used as a skin numbing. This ointment is a pharmacy-only medication. Lidocaine Ointment is recommended for use as a numbing product to:

  • To numb the gums in dentistry
  • To relieve in of painful nipples in mothers who breastfeed
  • To relieve the pain from conditions including anal fissures

There are no exact age limits for the use of Lidocaine Ointment. This can be used by children, adults, and the elderly.

6. Lanacane Cream

Lanacane Cream contains benzocaine as an active ingredient. Even though benzocaine is categorized as a local anesthetic, the approved use of this cream differs from previously discussed numbing creams. Lanacane is licensed to:

  • Relief irritation, pain, and itching due to skin irritation or insect bites.
  • Relief itchiness of the external genital and anal area

Lanacane Cream is usually licensed for children from 12 years of age and adults.

7. Evo-10 Numbing Cream

Evo-10 contains Lidocaine 10%, which is a local anesthetic. This can be used to numb the skin before:

  • Piercing
  • Waxing
  • Micro-needling
  • Hair removal
  • Needle Procedures (tattooing)

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