Treatment for Baby Thrush

Treatment for Baby Thrush

Baby Thrush is a common fungal infection of the mouth that can affect anyone at any age. It commonly affects babies younger than 6 months. The fungus that causes thrush is a kind of yeast called candida that can live anywhere on the body even in the digestive tract and mouth. Thrush may affect breastfeeding mothers and babies as it affects the inside of the mouth which causes a nappy rash.

Symptoms of Baby Thrush

Baby Thrush usually affects the tongue and may also spread to chicks. The main signs and symptoms of this condition include:

  • Patches are curd-like, yellow or white plaques
  • Patches that covers the gums, tongue, or cheeks
  • The white layer may be present on the lips

Causes of Baby Thrush

Generally, babies are more prone to this type of infection because of a weaker immune system compared to adults. Other causes of this infection may include:

  • The use of inhaled steroid inhalers 
  • A recent course of antibiotics that affects the presence of good bacteria which contains protective properties

Baby Thrush Treatment

Daktarin Oral Gel is the only medication available over-the-counter for the treatment of baby thrush. This is a sugar-free, orange flavor oral gel that has 2% of Miconazole which is an antifungal drug.  

The following restrictions are on the supply and availability of Daktarin Oral Gel:

  • Daktarin Oral Gel is used for the treatment of oral baby thrush from 4 months of age.
  • This is a pharmacy-only medication that can only be purchased from registered pharmacies.

Parents of children younger than 4 months must speak to the doctor, who may prescribe the same gel or an alternative product. If left untreated, the infection will get worse. It can spread in the body. For this reason, treatment is always recommended.

How to use Daktarin Oral?

For babies and children from 4 months to 2 years old:

  • Daktarin Oral Gel must be applied 4 times a day after every meal.
  • 1.25 ml of the gel must be placed on the mouth. To avoid choking, the gel should not be applied to the back of the throat.
  • Treatment must be continued for 7 days after the symptoms are cleared.
  • Daktarin Oral Gel can be applied directly to the affected area with a clean finger.

Common Side Effects

  • Dry mouth
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Skin reactions
  • Regurgitation

Concomitant Treatment of Mother’s Symptoms

Breastfeeding mothers may experience fungal infections on their nipples, which can be transferred easily from the mouth of the baby and vice versa. The main symptoms of a fungal infection present on the nipples may include newly developed pain of the nipple. The fungal infection needs to be distinguished from other conditions which may affect breastfeeding mothers. Treatment is recommended for both the breastfeeding mother and baby. Daktarin Oral Gel must not be applied to the nipples to treat a fungal infection on the breasts of the mother.

Thrush in breastfeeding mothers can be treated with over-the-counter antifungal cream which needs to be applied after feeding, on and around the nipples.

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