Marseille set for new Roma talks over Jordan Vertout.

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Marseille are close to signing Roma’s French midfielder Jordan Vertout. By preparing to open new talks on Thursday.

Partisan Giulo Rossi has worked hard this summer to improve Jose Mourinho’s squad. With the hopes that new football players such as Paulo Dybala. And Nemanja Matic will help elevate the squad to the ranks top four group. While there is still interest in Georginho Wijnaldum. Which means that Roma have to let players out of the team.

According to reports from Calcio Mercato It revealed that a new round of talks between Roma and Marseille will take place on Thursday. Both parties will try to complete the Vertout agreement UFABET.

The French club are set to pay around €10 million for the midfielder. His contract is worth 3 million euros per season. The agreement will be on loan first. with compulsory purchase conditions

After a good start, Vertut was less popular under Mourinho and was less of a starter in the second half of the season.

“Often I watch the games Kante plays, so I can steal the secret from his style of play,” Vertout told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“He’s in my eyes. It is a symbol of France winning the World Cup this year. I’m trying new tactics to play as a playmaker from the depths from the front and I like it. But I still have a lot to learn.”