Share tips from Japan! 5 ways to prepare bento boxes that won’t spoil easily

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Share tips from Japan! 5 ways to prepare bento boxes that won’t spoil easily.

in Japan when children Attend middle school (some schools) and high schools (Mostly) children have to bring lunch boxes to school. Because the school does not serve lunch like. When I was in elementary school. adults too With the situation. That food prices are increasing. Many Japanese people bring bento boxes to eat at work.

Major Problems When Entering Summer In Japan It is spoiled food. That is easily perishable and can result in food poisoning. Let’s know UFABET. The secrets of preparing bento boxes to prevent them from spoiling easily.

1. Heat until the food is cooked thoroughly.

Cooking well-cooked meat, fish, seafood, eggs, etc. is an important way to prevent microbial spoilage. How to make it easy By thinly cutting meat to cook food quickly in a short time.

2. Avoid having liquid and water mix in the dish.

Liquids from seasonings and water from food ingredients make it easier for bacteria to multiply. This will result in spoiled food easily. When preparing a side dish to add to the bento box, make sure there is no leftover curry paste or squeeze out all of the water from the boiled vegetables. You can use ingredients that absorb water, such as bonito flakes and sesame seeds, to sprinkle on top of rice that has high moisture content.

3. Use vinegar and disinfectant ingredients

Using disinfecting seasonings and ingredients can help prevent food from spoiling. For example, cooking rice by adding vinegar to the ratio of 1 cup of rice to 1 teaspoon of vinegar can help prevent spoilage. In addition, adding raw materials such as pickled plums, shiso leaves, ginger or wasabi, etc., into the bento box helps prevent food spoilage.

In addition, the use of kitchen toilet paper soak with vinegar. Wiping and disinfecting bento boxes and lids can also help prevent spoiled food.

4. Wait for the food to cool down before packing it in the lunch box.

If freshly cooked food is packaged that is still hot, the steam from the hot food will become trapped in the bento and increase bacteria growth easily. Keeping the rice and side dishes cool before packing them in the lunch box is the cornerstone of preventing food spoilage. Putting a cooling gel on the bento box will also help prevent spoiled food.

5. Put raw vegetables or fruits in separate containers.

If you want to bring fresh fruit and vegetable salad to lunch as well Vegetables should be washed and laid out to drain or wipe dry with kitchen paper towels and placed in a separate container from the side dish. If it is a small tomato, the stem should be separated and washed thoroughly and dried. Also, do not cut into slices to prevent the tomatoes from spoiling easily.