Media reveals Diego Linez father troubling his son’s future.

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Mexican winger Diego Linez has joined Braga from Real Betis on loan. Partly from the team Betigo wants to cut problems from the behavior of the father of the football players.

Mexican reporter Pablo Carrillo told Mundo Deportivo on Wednesday. That the move from Real Madrid to Braga is on a one-year loan from Diego Linez did not arise for football reasons alone. But from the creation of the problem of Mauro Linez. The father of the 22-year-old wing itself.

Carrillo has revealed that Mauro Linez was heavily involved in his son’s career. Because the father of the 22-year-old Mexican winger is always in conflict with the coach. And sporting director of the player’s agency intervening. Where he should not have done. It became a nuisance for his former trainer Mikel Herrera at Club America.  UFABET And a similar incident happened at Real Betis with Manuel Luis Pellegrini. 

Despite Real Betis paying 14 million euros to bring Lainez from Club America in January 2019, Betigo, fed up with his father’s behavior, agreed to let the 22-year-old leave. Join Braga on a one-year loan with only €7 million on permanent contracts as the Andalusian side want to rule out Mauro Linez’s involvement. 

Recently , Linez is looking to leave Betis in search of a new destination. with the opportunity to enter the field to become more real. However Linez at the age of 21 is attracting interest from a number of clubs. Including Bayer Leverkusen. Which is the rival of Betis in the Europa League group stage as well.